Our Management Team

  • Shai Newman
    Shai Newman
    Co-owner and the CO-CEO responsible for technology and innovation in the company. Shai initiated and managed Compedia's cooperation projects with Microsoft, RARE/NINTENDO, News Corp, Intel, Microsoft and others. Shai is the Author of 3 patents in the field of Noise cancellation, AR, VR and visual computing. Shai has led Compedia's participation in all of its European research projects and is now acting as Technological Director in LAW-TRAIN (Horizon 2020) and on the advisory board of MY-WAY that promotes entrepreneurship for young adults in Europe. His educational multi-disciplinary background and degree includes: Tel-Aviv University Marketing, finance and management; mathematics and computer science and IT (with Honours).
  • Ilan Goldberg
    Ilan Goldberg
    Co-founder, member of the board and acts as the COO of Compedia, responsible for the operation and projects management in the company ensuring they meet their targets on time and on budget. Ilan has been managing many large scale projects operations of Compedia's main projects encompassing AR/VR, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Mobile Educational Apps, and Advanced Gamification Virtual Worlds for Learning, and various products based on the company systems and platforms including gaming and learning solutions for education and healthcare. He has a degree in Practical Engineering from Tel Aviv University. Ilan has managed projects for various platforms including online virtual worlds; an interactive TV channel project; projects for Nintendo platform and many others.
  • Gil Ilutowich
    Gil Ilutowich
    Chairman of the board and joint CEO in charge of business development and marketing. Gil supervised and managed the sales and marketing that generated more than 50 million dollars in sales into educational markets. Gil has over 25 years of experience in business development, marketing and management. He is also a well-known author in Israel and wrote several novels. He serves as the vice-chairman of The Spirit of Israel, one of the largest philanthropic organisations in Israel. Gil holds degrees in Electronic engineering and in Philosophy and Bible studies from Tel Aviv University (Israel).

  • Dr. Aviva Gitait
    Dr. Aviva Gitait
    Pedagogical Director of Compedia and Director of Projects Department in Israel. Aviva holds a PHD in Developing and Evaluating Curriculums from Bar Ilan University. Dr. Gitait has over 20 years of experience in promoting wide-spread projects for students and teenagers using innovative technologies. Nowadays, she is managing Tamar Project- Teaching the Bible in an Augmented Reality. This year would be the third year for this successful project in Israel.
  • Elad Brandes
    Elad Brandes
    Director of Augmented Reality products. Elad is highly experienced in training development, knowledge management, project management and creative thinking. He is responsible for mapping instructional needs; and planning, designing and creating innovative augmented reality learning activities. He manages the content team and coordinates the different teams during the production process including creative, UI, GUI, programming and QA.
  • Gennady Arkulis
    Gennady Arkulis
    Creative Art Director. Gennady is highly-experienced and talented artist and designer, he is responsible for all design and graphical assets of the company including mobile educational games, online curriculum gamified programs and marketing collaterals of the company. He manages the team of tens designers, illustrators and animators and supervises all the creative activities. Gennady holds BA in Art and Design from Dnepropetrovsk College of Arts (the Ukraine), from which he graduated with honors.

  • Amir Elion
    Amir Elion
    Director of Corporate Solutions at Compedia, responsible for working with the company's corporate clients to apply training and performance support solutions using Compedia's VR, AR and other technologies. Amir has more than 20 years of experience in learning and learning technologies. He worked in training management roles at Teva Pharmaceuticals and Motorola, as well as in solutions providers such as ZOOZ Innovation consulting, Branco Weiss institute and Kineo. Amir is an author and expert in innovation and creativity methods. He's an active member of the L&D community and was Chairman of the 20th annual Israeli Learning in Organizations Conference. Amir holds M.A in Labour Studies and B.A in Philosophy and General Studies - both from Tel Aviv University (Israel).
  • Noga Meir-Goren
    Noga Meir-Goren
    Product Manager. Noga has over 15 years of experience in developing and managing interactive content for children on various platforms, including an interactive TV channel, and diverse education, edutainment, and healthcare projects. Noga has been heading multimedia development teams at Compedia, as well as international pedagogical and clinical professional work groups, and coordinated the work of leading experts and research teams in international cooperative projects. Noga holds a BA degree in communication disorders and in special education from Tel-Aviv University, and an MA degree in Cognitive Studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  • Chava Rotman
    Chava Rotman
    Director of K-6 EdTech Programs. Chava has over 15 years of experience in content production and project management in diverse fields, including TV production, internet content and educational game design for children’s software. At Compedia, she leads a complex project to develop a spiral adaptive cross-platform blended curriculum for teaching Hebrew as a second language for children, supported by an innovative learning management system. Chava holds a BA in Psychology from Bar Ilan University and an MFA in Film and Television from Tel Aviv University both of which she graduated with honors.

  • Tal Yanai
    Tal Yanai
    Product Manager. With background in education and experience in managing projects, Tal is dedicating himself to the development of educational projects in our company. He is responsible for the development of textbooks and teacher guides for the international and the local market. Tal has a B.A. in History with a Minor in Political Science from UCLA, and a Teaching Credential from CSUN.
  • Yehuda Sapir
    Yehuda Sapir
    Director of advanced technology projects. Yehuda has a multidisciplinary focus integrating software and hardware solutions. He holds a MBA, M.Sc. in Computer Sciences, B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Sciences and is an Electronics Practical Engineer. He is experienced in managing complex technology projects starting from presale, defining the users’ needs, defining the optimal technologies and following the project development during implementation and commercialization. In Compedia, Yehuda is responsible for the management of international innovation projects including those involving public funding like Horizon 2020 and Bird Foundation.
  • Dana Ezra
    Dana Ezra
    HR manager. Dana has a decade of experience in all aspects of human resources management. Vast experience in establishing HR administration from scratch and building a company strategy, OD processes, Implementing HR programs and a strong background in tech recruitment. Dana managed HR departments in global companies and rising startups. At Compedia, Dana is managing the complete employee lifecycle from hire to retire. Dana holds a BA in Criminology and an MA in Conflict Management and Negotiation from Bar-Ilan University and a Labor Law diploma from Tel Aviv University.