Religious Studies for Children

Religious Studies for Children religious-studies-for-children-feature2

Incredible Islands™ is an advanced virtual world for children aged 4-9 which promotes the Bible, Christian values and family values, as well as the acquisition of general learning and thinking skills.

Bible Islands is the first virtual world that combines state-of-the-art technology, lively animation and game playing in order to promote Biblical values and the Christian faith among children around the world.

In order to create Incredible Islands, Compedia developed an extensive back-end and a large number of features and ready-to-go game engines. We have developed 50 interactive Bible stories, fully narrated and animated. These Bible stories are also available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

In addition, Compedia is now closely familiar with the vast Evangelical Christian education market. Compedia has entered into a partnership with One Hope and Bible League ministries, which work with more than 100 million children worldwide.

See and play demo: