Music Education for Young Children

Music Education for Young Children mirrror-featured2

An innovative platform for young children music education

Partners: Sony, University of Bologna and others; funded by the EU as part of the FP7 framework. MIROR is an acronym for “Musical Interaction Relying On Reflexion”.

The MIROR Project involves the development of an innovative adaptive system for learning and teaching music based on the reflexive interaction paradigm.

The platform is developed in the context of early childhood music education.

In principle, the complex method and algorithm enable humans to interact with the machine in the composition of music and to compose intriguing and interesting pieces of music using artificial intelligence.

The role of Compedia in the MIROR Project is to develop an online environment for teaching music based on this unique algorithm and to make this project ready for the commercial market. In order to do so, Compedia has developed user interfaces, interactive experiences and games for teachers and young students of music.