Virtual Reality for Learning and Training

Compedia has created a collaborative VR platform that attains a new level of interactivity with virtual worlds and objects. In addition to PCs with VR headsets, the platform also supports a smartphone-optimized version currently used in training and educational settings that allows a designated leader to monitor and direct multiple features of each active user in the VR environment. Compedia’s platform is already in use by Fortune 100 companies and security personnel.

New patent-pending technologies developed by Compedia include AR+ for effective AR, VR+ for mixed reality and virtual rooms and a system for the integrated use of mobile devices and tablets while wearing or using an HMD or VR device. This includes a virtual keyboard that helps overcome input challenges in a VR environment.

Compedia has developed patent-pending AR/VR technologies and platforms for advanced education and training that have already been successfully incorporated within commercial products. Compedia’s platform enables content creators, such as educational publishers and training companies, to enhance any learning material – web pages, PDFs, eBooks, printed books and slide shows – by adding dynamic interactive AR and VR content that is compatible with all mobile and desktop platforms. The AR technology makes it possible to effectively bridge between the physical world (print and slides) and digital learning experiences. Compedia’s unique patent-pending AR+ workflow facilitates the integration of AR and VR for maximum effect. The platform includes powerful authoring tools and connects to learning management systems, thus enhancing personalization and adaptive learning.

To learn more about the fully interactive AR+ platform, which can operate on tablets, PC’s and smartphones, watch Compedia’s informational video, which includes use cases for the educational market.

The Advanced platform and other patent pending technologies are currently incorporated in corporate training products that can be presented in face-to-face meetings.