LMS customization

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a management system for your learning content that handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting.

Compedia’s LMS is a highly flexible, open-source system, based on Moodle, which has over 2 million users worldwide.

When you opt for the Compedia LMS, we are on hand to help you with the design, development and delivery of blended programs to make the best use of your portal. Our scalable LMS for elementary and high schools supports educational resources, activities, integrate in-class applications. It integrates all services into one report system, making it simple and accessible for teachers and administrators.

The Compedia LMS communicates with external resources including the Virtual Reward Environment, which contains all Compedia’s digital content.


Integrated Solution

Integrated Solution

We provide all aspects of the learning environment, from a Learning Management System (LMS), through content and technology development, deployment on the cloud, and end user apps and websites.

Integrated Solution

Proven Project Methodology

Already in use in many successful projects, our development methodology is efficient, client-centric and flexible.

Integrated Solution

Agile (Scrum) Software Development

Our development team is experienced in using Agile development processes that ensure fast delivery, flexibility to changes, and frequent customer reviews.
The idea behind the Scrum development methodology is to divide the process into short release cycles.