Curriculum development

Curriculum development

Take your Digital Curriculum to the next level!

Give your printed and digital curriculum exclusive unique edge, with embedded AR objects that increase engagement and boost effectiveness in learning.

Curriculum development service

Compedia develops and customizes Digital Curriculum Content coupled with curriculum alignment services including Embedding and aligning digital content into scope and sequence documents and instructional guides to ensure success in the classroom.


Courses include integrated assessments and pre-tests to allow students to skip content they have already learned and concentrate on the knowledge that needs work. Course-level assessments include tests for each course both in traditional and interactive formats.

The product offers supplemental materials including games embedded as components supporting a move from print to digital by comprehensive core curriculums. This encourages a broader acceptance of learning games in the classroom.

Our digital curriculums are designed for networked classrooms where every student has a computing device. These sophisticated curriculums and connected technology elements are aligned to standards and can be personalized.


  • Helps teachers save time by offering them digital and customized professional teaching resources to enable educators spend more time teaching and less time prepping.
  • Engages students through multiple learning modules using digital resources that connect with this generation’s students: video, virtual labs, explorations, and interactive resources.
  • Maximizes the use of digital resources through administrator usage reports that identify usage patterns, enabling educational decision-makers to make data-driven decisions
  • Utilizes the most advanced and current pedagogical developments in constructing eLearning environments. Although both rigorous and challenging, Compedia’s curriculum projects are augmented with original or the latest interactive and media-savvy content.