AR+ Library of Templates

3D Model exploration

This type of activity enables students to explore a 3D model. Students can zoom in and out, rotate the model to see it from all directions and get additional information from various "hot spots" located on the model. The models can either be designed in-house or purchased from Compedia, but in both cases may require some adjustments.

Figure 1. Example of 3D model AR activity attached to a page in a book. The same module can also be activated from a website or a PDF.

3D Map

3D maps vividly present geographical, historical and cultural information. 3D markers positioned on the map provide in-depth information about points of interest. The map can be zoomed in and out, rotated, and moved. "Hot spots" on the map can be activated to provide additional information in the form of text, video or links. Full 3D typographic maps are also supported.

Figure 2. Example of a 3D map with three selectable interactive layers of information

AR Quiz

With an AR Quiz, students can answer the questions while keeping the original item in view. For example, they can launch a quiz from a specific page in a book while still keeping the original page in view. Students can also answer quizzes in VR mode, in which case the camera feed is stopped and the students can concentrate completely on the quiz page.

Figure 3. Example of the quiz creation process

AR Video Clips

An AR Movie activity enables the projection of movies in an AR view. For example, a book page, poster, website or presentation can come alive whenever a student points the AR app at them.

Figure 4. Example of a 3D movie used as an added layer to print. Projection of AR movie on the page and sequence of shots. Click here to see this video live.

Interactive Presentations

In a Presentation AR activity, a set of still information pieces organized as a slideshow pops up on the printed or digital text.

Figure 5. Example of a presentation model added to a textbook page.