The Challenge

To make the Bible relevant to students in Israel. To use technology to teach students about the Bible and how it has impacted Western culture.

Our Solution

The program helps students explore the question of why the Bible is still relevant to Israeli teenagers in the 21st century. TAMAR presents the stories of the Bible in a stimulating way using technology and interactive activities. It teaches about the history and archeology of the Bible and helps kids to understand the Bible’s impact on Western culture. In short, the program demonstrates the critical role played by the Bible in our lives. The program accomplishes the following:

It exposes the students to various fields of knowledge related to the history and culture of the Jewish People in an interactive and engaging way.

It explores various aspects of the Bible and shows students how the Bible influences our lives even today.

Through the use of innovative Augmented Reality and 3D technologies on a tablet or cellular phone, the program brings the content to life, making students active partners in the learning process.

Creates a unique learning experience, based on the principles of meaningful learning and 21st-century learning skills.

Facilitates a Virtual Reality encounter with a rare collection of ancient artifacts.

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