MOTB The Book – A Bible Curriculum

The Challenge

Making the Bible relevant to teenagers in the 21st century. Using technology and interactivity to immerse students within the stories and messages of the Bible. Becoming familiar with the main narratives of the Bible and demonstrating that many of them are corroborated by archeological findings.

Our Solution

The Museum of the Bible curriculum provides an innovative way for teachers and parents to introduce students to the Bible.

The curriculum includes a student textbook (paper or eBook version) and a unique and immersive AR app.

The textbook’s descriptive approach focuses on significant narratives from Genesis to Revelation.

Lessons on the history of the Bible help the students understand the context of the Bible and the Near Eastern World.

Examination of the Bible’s considerable impact over the centuries.

The AR app brings the textbook to life. 3D maps and ancient artifacts pop up from the book allowing students to explore and examine them from any angle.

The app includes games and quizzes, all of which are connected to an LMS system with the capability of producing a variety of teacher reports.

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