MOTB My Bible Quest

The Challenge

To teach elementary school kids about the Bible in a meaningful and engaging way so that they come to view the Bible as relevant and as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Our Solution

A blended learning approach combines an app with more traditional platforms to assist teachers and parents in bringing the kids closer to the Bible.

The curriculum includes interactive video clips that recount some of the most important stories in the Bible.

The app’s descriptive approach focuses attention on significant narratives: from Genesis and the Creation story on the one hand to the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus on the other.

Interactive activities that familiarize students with the Biblical text and facilitate independent learning.

Writing activities that enable students to reflect on their personal connection to the Bible’s stories and messages.

The app offers interactive maps that enhance learning about the Bible.

The app includes games and quizzes, all of which are connected to an LMS system with the capability of producing a variety of teacher reports.

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