The Challenge

To teach Hebrew and the Jewish heritage in Jewish schools around the world. To create a digital program that will inspire children to develop their Jewish identity.

Our Solution

The program is being used to teach Hebrew and the Jewish heritage in Jewish schools around the world. It is a unique digital interactive blended learning program that inspires children to develop their Jewish identity through the implementation of innovative Jewish curricula in Hebrew.Here are some of the tools used by the program:


The program uses songs that are presented with animation and illustrative pictures; the lyrics are displayed together with the soundtrack and the words are highlighted to help the pupils follow along.


The guided books and printed library books appear in the form of digital books and appear in a number of formats: books with full animation, riddle books, searchbooks, and books based on thepaper books version, and accompanied by narration and sound effects, together with highlighted text.

Educational videos:

Animated videos that convey content, such as holiday customs, information on a specific subject or a language skill.
Comprehension activities, internationalization, and examination:
a wide range of closed activities that the system grades, including multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, matching the text to the picture, highlighting and coloring text, finishing pictures, and more; and open activities that the teacher grades, including recording the pupil’s recorded and written answers.


Learning games, including content and language skills that enable pupils to review and gain a deeper understanding of the learning material in an experiential and challenging way.

Creative tools:

Enabling the pupils to individually record a song or narration of a book, to create greeting cards, or to create a personal project summarizing what was learned. The work is saved in the pupil’s personal environment and accumulatesover the course of the year.

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