The Challenge

To cut through the noise of technology that distracts our students’ attention and to convey to them that the Bible is as relevant as it ever has been.

To penetrate the world of teenagers and relate to them in their own language, while addressing real-life issues with solid answers based on the principles found in the Scriptures.

Our Solution

EPIC (Eternal Perspectives Influencing Culture) is a blended and project-based-learning curriculum that prepares students for real life after high school. It employs app-driven learning experiences that integrate three  educational themes:

Personal Growth, including character, calling, and purpose.

Practical, real-world Group Projects that require creative problem solving, collaboration and sophisticated skills development.

Best-In-Class Biblical Worldview Education that connects to real-life choices; motivating a student to make a positive difference in the world in one or more of the “Seven Mountains of Culture.”

Engage students in a way that is relevant to them by blending education, technology, social media, and entertainment.

In addition, the app connects to an LMS system with extensive progress reports for teachers.

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