Isn’t it about time that museums attracted a new generation of kids using the medium of innovative story-telling?

Make a trip to the museum a highlight of a kid’s week. Offer them a new unique experience by putting a mobile device in their hands.

Augmented Reality turns phones into storytelling tools bringing inanimate objects to life in front of children’s eyes. AR turns history into a modern-day reality, taking details off the page into an engaging virtual world. Turn dry details into fun graphic experiences, educate museum visitors in the most advanced and exciting way. Transform a museum into a center of fun, engagement and learning entertainment.

How can you use our AR solution for a superior visitor experience?

Capture the exhibit so visitors can explore it on a hand-held device. They can then see the object from different viewpoints and read personalized content about the object, depending on their interest.

Adding AR objects you will make your exhibits come to life and enable your visitors can to view exhibits in different environments and in their original states.

The Compedia AR application serves as a virtual tour guide. It enables visitors to personalize their museum experience according to age, preferences, interests, beliefs, and more. Guiding arrows show visitors where to go and how far away they are from what they’re looking for, as well as a virtual reality view of where they are located at any time. Adding to the experience, AR offers gamification, historical and art games, translations and real-time AR polls.