Corporate training

Augmented Reality and VR Platform for Corporate Training and HLS Markets

Global manufacturers seek to provide employees with critical information and tracking related to processes, procedures, trouble-shooting, and management in a scalable manner, at the point of need: on the manufacturing floor itself.

Compedia has developed patent-pending AR/VR technologies and platforms for advanced training that have already been successfully incorporated within commercial products. Compedia’s platform enables content creators, such as training companies and E-learning companies, to enhance any learning material – web pages, PDFs, eBooks, printed books and slide shows – by adding innovative interactive 3D, AR and VR content that is compatible with all mobile and desktop platforms. The integration of an AR technology makes it possible to effectively bridge between the physical world (print, objects and slides) and digital learning experiences. The platform includes authoring tools and connects to learning management systems for personalization and adaptive learning.

Compedia has over 25 years of experience in platform and system development. Its staff of over 100 employees includes leading experts in visual computing, augmented reality and virtual reality, as well as instructional designers and UX experts.

New patent-pending technologies developed by Compedia include AR+ for effective AR, VR+ for mixed reality and virtual rooms and a system for the integrated use of devices while wearing or using a VR headsets. This enables, among other things, to overcome input challenges in a VR environment. Compedia have also created a collaborative VR platform that attains a new level of interactivity with virtual worlds and objects. A mobile smartphone-optimized platform currently used in training, museum, and educational settings allows a designated leader to monitor and direct multiple features of each active user in the VR environment. Compedia’s platform is already in use by Fortune 100 companies and by operational security personal.

 How can you use our AR solution to improve your employees’ experience?

Our solution: our patent pending AR+ technology will allow an employee to get an interactive VR and 3D training experience initiated from any type of learning or training material. It will also allow him to point his or her mobile device camera to different locations on a specific machine and view augmented virtual hot spots and data layers on his or her screen. The solution provides role and machine-specific content and activities, such as service records, maintenance procedures and processes, policies, training reminders, trouble shooting, and remote monitoring and support.