Engage your learners with LearnyX(™), the immersive social learning platform

LearnyX enables you to provide learners with immersive content, including VR simulations and 3D object exploration. The LearnyX LMS facilitates gamified learning activities and interactive video streaming. Learners engage and collaborate in a secure social environment, applying sophisticated project-based learning (PBL).

The LearnyX Learning Management System Create and Share Immersive Content

LearnyX empowers you and your users to create and share 3D and virtual reality (VR) interactive experiences. From the exploration of virtual environments to studying 3D simulations of live objects (such as DNA, the brain, complex machines, and more).

Your VR content can be experienced on any device or with a VR headset.

Social and Collaborative Learning 

Studies have shown that learning is far more effective when learners do their own research, create their own projects, and present them to other learners. The LearnyX LMS supports this type of learning and adds to it Project Based Learning, allowing groups of learners to choose, create, share, and present their work.

A Robust Learning Management System 

An easy-to-use yet robust back-office system provides the ability to build flexible courses, to enroll students quickly, and to generate BI reports and analytics.

Build your immersive courses in hours and sell them online!

Sell courses online!

The LearnyX LMS enables you to begin selling your courses online within a few clicks! With Shopify(™) built-in integration, you can set up your eShop and start selling your courses instantly, without any programming skills.

Works on any device

Desktops, smartphones, tablets, iPads(™), Chromebooks(™)

No installation needed

LearnyX is a secure SAAS solution and works seamlessly from the cloud.

White Label Solution

Create your own white label platform including logo, visual language, and specific customizations.

Powerful Marketing

Universities, high schools, and other organizations can generate their social feed in LearnyX™ and encourage students to share their experiences with other students, friends, and family.

Immersive Technologies

The world’s first learning platform that combines advanced immersive technologies of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Learning Community (VLC), Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For Generation Z

Millennials and Gen Z’s are digital natives experienced in every form of immersive and collaborative technology and expect nothing less. LearnyX™ provides a cutting-edge environment that is native to today’s students.