Immersive technologies – Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Learning Communities (VLC) are revolutionizing the way universities, schools and other educational organizations deliver course content, enabling learners to engage with rich, collaborative learning experiences in a far more dynamic and efficient manner.

Millennials and Gen Z’s are digital natives experienced in every form of immersive and collaborative technology and expect nothing less. The current state of educational delivery is increasingly becoming outdated.


Compedia’s LearniX™ platform is the world’s first learning platform that combines advanced immersive technologies of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Learning Community (VLC), Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

LearniX™ can greatly enhance enrollment, retention, and engagement of students by providing a cutting-edge environment that is native to today’s students. LearniX™ is leveraging on Compedia’s latest technologies.

LearniX™ is an immersive platform for education and training. It enables students to view video clips, text, pictures, interactive activities like quizzes, explore 3D models, and 3D maps. In addition, they can upload their own content to LearniX and share it with other students in their class, faculty or campus. 

Universities and other organizations can generate their social feed in LearniX™ and encourage students to share with other students and friends outside of the university – making it a powerful marketing tool.

Virtual Learning Communities