Deployment & Monetization


One of the main advantages of online course development and digital products is the ability to achieve a wide distribution and to, quickly, reach thousands of users.

As part of Compedia’s comprehensive end-to-end service, we also provide online purchase services and support in the cross-platform distribution and sale of the product.

Compedia’s e-commerce platform, together with our network of partnerships, makes it possible to expose your product to thousands of potential users rapidly. Our platform also uses a variety of flexible pricing models to increase sells.

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A network of partnerships and connections:

Compedia’s network of contacts and strategic partners is available to you and can serve as a lever when you unveil your product to new audiences. We work with leading publishers and distributors, hundreds of schools and educational organizations in the US and worldwide and we will be happy to help you use those connections to distribute your new educational technology products.

Bible Academy:

The largest online store in the world for courses on the Bible and the heritage and history of the Biblical period can be made available to all of your customers, in collaboration with the leading publishers and organizations in the Christian world. This platform can be used to expose any new course to thousands of users in the US and around the world. (Coming soon).

Compedia e-commerce solution:

We help you to quickly and efficiently, create an online store for the purchase of courses/digital products and to conveniently define the model of purchase and licenses for the use of the product.

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