Personalization and Data-Driven Learning


Every individual learns differently; therefore, Compedia offers several solutions for customization and personalization. Our goal is to create a personalized learning experience.

We know that teachers have an essential role when it comes to students attaining educational objectives. It is why we have developed reporting and monitoring tools, which allow teachers to keep up-to-date on the situation of the class and individual students in real time; to receive in-depth, reliable and important information on the learning path and process of each student; and to make smart information-based decisions. Our detailed reports and analytics also make it possible for principals and other decision makers to monitor a program’s ROI.


Adaptive Practice:

Each learning activity can be carried out on a number of adaptive levels so that each student is assigned an exercise suited to his situation and he is therefore independent of his classmates’ level.


Our system facilitates personal learning definitions. It learns the student, dynamically offers content and suggests levels of difficulty, based on machine learning algorithms.


A variety of detailed reports provides the teacher with a reliable, real-time picture of the class’ and students’ progress.


You can monitor the geographic distribution of users, the number of downloads/uses, the average level of performance, the program’s ROI, and much more.

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