AR & VR Learning


What is Immersive Learning? Immersive learning uses technology to expand the monotony of classroom education, bringing new engagement techniques that enable students to interact and absorb material more effectively.

Compedia’s immersive learning technologies are proven to improve student engagement, retention, and impact in and outside the classroom. Each one of these tools can be used individually or as part of a curriculum and educational strategy that, when combined, create an exciting learning environment for students of all ages.


Virtual Reality

Transfers students into a different world where they can experience a historical event firsthand, practice a dangerous task in a safe environment or immerse themselves in the content.

Augmented and Mixed Reality

Enhances the physical learning environment with virtual layers that bring the classroom alive. Content jumps out of textbooks and off the teacher’s whiteboard, providing an exciting educational experience.

3D Exploration:

Students investigate 360 sites and 3D objects, allowing them to ‘touch’ and inspect sites and artifacts usually unavailable to them in a classroom setting.

Virtual Humans:

Advanced virtual humans realistically simulate emotional responses, enabling students to train themselves in real-life interaction and strengthen their social and emotional interpersonal skills.

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