A-Z Curriculum Development


The development of a digital learning environment is a complex and multidisciplinary task, one that requires a large staff of professionals working together. Compedia provides an all-in-one service to achieve any objective – whether it is transforming a raw idea into a new educational project or digitalizing an existing curriculum.

The task becomes even more challenging when the learning is immersive and involves the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Still, educational software development is one of Compedia’s A-Z services.

At Compedia, you will find all of the services you need under one roof. Our professional staff can meet all your project’s needs: content writing, video production, animation, 3D modeling for AR and VR learning, A-Z user design, and software development to distribution, and installation. We provide you with flexibility in deciding which of our services to use and in what manner.

educational software development


Content writing:

Our content staff specializes in the writing of lessons, courses, teacher guides, and content for interactive activity in a variety of languages. We employ content experts in many fields and work with many others in almost every discipline imaginable.

Video content production:

Our staff of instructional designers specializes in the production of engaging digital-interactive activities that are suited to the target audience. This department has expertise in the production of explainer/whiteboard videos, presentations, quizzes, and advanced micro-learning activities.

Product characterization and UX:

Our staff of product managers and UX designers have expertise in all the current digital trends and in finding the optimal solutions for your needs. They will carry out an in-depth characterization so that the product will be easy to use, intuitive, and enjoyable for both student and teacher.

Graphic design and animation:

Our Creative Studio specializes in the design of user interfaces, illustration, and animation that meet the highest standards and are fine-tuned to the needs of our customers and the expectations of the target audience.

3D design:

Our 3D studio specializes in the modeling of objects, structures, textures, human figures, and various environments that are specially designed to meet learning needs, in addition to complex virtual 3D animation. We have unique expertise in creating multi-platform and efficient AR and VR education experiences, working on all platforms from advanced headsets to conventional mobile devices.

Software and app development:

Our learning software platform makes it quick and easy to create a variety of learning activities such as 3D simulations, VR and AR games, quizzes, learning activities, practice activities, etc. Our experienced software team can provide custom development according to any request or need.

Backend & LMS:

Our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) makes it possible for teachers and principals to conveniently, and efficiently manage learning processes. The system makes it easy to manage users, monitor the learning process using advanced reports, and provide help and guidance to teachers in the form of databases of supplementary course material. Our experienced software team can create custom-designed products to meet any need or request.

Cross-platform support:

Our platform works on desktops, chrome books, tablets, and iPads, for both Apple and Android, with the goal of achieving maximum compatibility with the needs of the education market.

Teacher guides, training, and support:

Even in the case of a perfect interactive curriculum, teachers still need to be familiar with the program and be a part of its implementation. We provide training materials for teachers accessible online and offline, as well as pedagogical and technical support during the run-in period.

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